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Published 16 September 2020

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Welcome to Spring!


As we feel less of the morning frosts and start to gain some enthusiasm for gardening and the like, remember too that our community is just starting to wake up from the closed down COVID-19 environment. There is so much that Freemasons can do to help during this time, and, wherever possible, we should be proudly back doing what we have always done.

Now is the time to use our online business meetings to plan our future work within our community. A little volunteering would tidy up streetscapes, trim back the Widow Smith's rambling garden, take away the pile of rubbish or garden clippings, re-pot shrubs, wash down graffiti, re-stain garden furniture, re-stock the winter wood piles and many other similar such tasks would really make a difference. We could plan to work with some new groups in the community to provide safety for children, opportunity for the disabled, respect and appreciation for the aged and the list surely goes on.

Please consider how Masonicare, and its particularly beneficial interACTION Grants, can be put to best use providing mutual benefit to the square and compasses and our community. As we emerge from our lockdowns, we have this wonderful opportunity to work towards lifting spirits. Be there as the vision of hope and respite, and to be seen proudly standing up for our ideals and principles. No doubt we have all taken the opportunity to dust off our lodge clothes and run through the ritual book, but also consider when might be the best time to meet over coffee, and generally think about how to resume our visits to those in respite or aged care facilities. This is the time to re-invent the role of the Masonicare Caring Officer and to show the world that Masons really care.

Similarly, with our buildings, no doubt we are all thinking of how we can best ensure our safety by planning our regular cleaning routines and acting out the safest environment to best ensure that we and our families stay safe. There is so much that we can do, so please, enjoy each other's company and, most importantly, enjoy your membership of the Craft.

Again Brethren, welcome to the brighter and more enthusiastic season of Spring.

Derek Robson AM
Grand Master

Distinguished Service Award for Tom

Bro Thomas Maxwell Hughes and W Bro Brad Conner

Bro Thomas Hughes is renowned for his tireless charity work and, as a Masonicare Caring Officer, Tom has been a weekly visitor to his local nursing homes and hospitals for many years. It was only fitting that, at the March 2020 Grand Communication, Bro Tom Hughes was awarded the Grand Master's Distinguished Service Award.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions Tom was unable to receive the prestigious award until his lodge finally re-convened earlier this month under strict social distancing rules. His good friend and Worshipful Master W Bro Brad Conner was on hand to congratulate Tom when the Jewel was finally presented to him on Friday 11 September.

Well done Tom!

Top: Cowra and Cronulla Masonic Centres
Bottom: Weston Masonic Centre and Concord West Masonic Hall

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Stephen Green
Grand Secretary

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NOTE: When lodges have completed Stage 2 and following further directions from the Government Health Authorities we can then move on to Stage 3.


Once lodges have completed Stage 2 requirements and after ensuring we comply with all regulations directed by the authorities, the Grand Secretary will advise those lodges that they may consider their return.

NOTE: The Grand Secretary will provide further advice on any meeting restrictions that may apply as a result of further directions from the Government Health Authorities.

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