Freemasonry is Philosophy

A way of guiding ourselves

Pursuit of truth, integrity and mutual support are some of the values that characterise a Mason.

The Fraternity gathers good men and guides them on a path of virtue and honour, teaching that there is more to life than material pleasures.

What does Philosophy mean for Masons?

Philosophy is the "Love of Wisdom". In fact, Wisdom is at the foundation of the Masonic ethos.

 Furthermore, Philosophy is the way we develop as individuals and the values taught through Masonry.

Philosophy is... Learning

Freemasons NSW & ACT has a diverse offering of educational tools. Brethren themselves, have organised free study groups and other educational sessions to spread knowledge, strengthen fellowship and most importantly, to keep everyone connected.

Philosophy is... Reflection

There is no one more important than yourself. Personal introspection is a crucial aspect, and Freemasonry provides great support to each Brother's inner and personal development.

Philosophy is... Empowerment

The exposure to the stimuli of a Masonic Lodge builds confidence and self-esteem. This is thanks to those that support rather than undermine. We pride ourselves in providing guidance, mentorship and caring programs to help all Brethren.

Philosophy is... Virtue

Masonry teaches us to be Virtuous men. Our rituals contain a gathering of characters that exemplifies the way we strive to conduct our day-to-day lives. Being able to compare ourselves to the Masonic characters inspires us to grow together with our fellow Brethren. This enables us to become better men.