Freemasonry is Diversity

Labouring for the common good

Freemasonry seeks to uphold universal values of love for all mankind, assistance to those less fortunate and to seek truth in all and every situation.

It's the common bond that binds one Mason to another - regardless of his culture, religion, politics or background.

Just what do we mean by Diversity?

The only qualifications we require from you are a belief in a Supreme being (in whatever form that means to you), be 18 years or older and be an honourable individual.

The rest is irrelevant to you becoming one of us.

Diversity is... Cultural

Across NSW & the ACT, we have specific Lodges that cater to French, Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Spanish, Filipino, Indian, German and Scottish cultural interests.

Diversity is... Spiritual

Your faith is your business.

It is common, within Masonic lodges and socially, to see Brethren of Christian, Islamic, Judaic and a multitude of other beliefs, creeds, sects and denominations participating in a meeting, sharing a meal, having a laugh and supporting one another.

Diversity is... Professional

Our Brethren are from all walks of life.

From Captains to Carpenters, Posties to Politicians, Cleaners to CEO's, Reverends to Road workers.

When we meet within the Lodge, regardless of our professional background, all are dressed the same, are expected to act as Gentlemen and are valued based on their behaviour and ethics - not their material wealth of lack thererof.

Diversity is... Personal

Each Brother is drawn to, and stays within, Masonry for many different reasons.

Some enjoy the camaraderie, some prefer the ritual. If you like fine dining, there's a lodge for you. If you prefer to study the mysteries of the world around us - there are study groups for you.

Your journey within Freemasonry is yours and yours alone.