Freemasonry is Community

From everywhere for everyone

Freemasons come from all different kinds of life paths, religions and backgrounds.

Community links us all.

We advocate to make a difference in our communities by actively promoting positive change.

What is Community for a Freemason?

One way Freemasons seek to better themselves is through providing community support. This is achieved via charity events, volunteering, providing elderly care, and support to community clubs, just to name a few. This is one value that Freemasons hold onto dearly in order to promote, stimulate and effect change on a daily basis.

Community is... Awareness

Ultimately, our Brethren strive to live and practice our virtues to the highest ideal we can. This includes striving to set the example as Brothers, husbands, partners, sons, etc.

This is why we actively seek to better ourselves through personal development, and through our communities by providing care and support to those around us.

Community is... Volunteering

Volunteering is a great opportunity to help others and to bring greater meaning to your own life. Aside from raising funds through community activities, our Brethren also offer their professional, practical or emotional skills and expertise to help one another.

Community is... Acknowledgement

It is crucial to promote and raise awareness, and reward positive behaviour. This is why Freemasons NSW & ACT sponsors the Young Achievers Awards, and is a firm believer in mentoring and guiding our younger Brethren in their journeys.

Community is... YOU

It is incredible what momentum can be gained when just one positive gesture of selflessness is offered.

Freemasonry aims and helps to make good men become better men, with lessons about morality and ethics, principles of which can be applied outside lodge rooms and in our every day lives.