Freemasonry is Ceremony

The language of Freemasonry

Our ceremonies, rituals and regalia are full of allegorical symbolism designed to remind a Freemason of what he's learned and the obligations he's undertaken.

What qualifies me to attend the Ceremonies?

The only qualifications we require from you are a belief in a Supreme being (in whatever form that means to you), be 18 years or older and be an honourable individual.

The rest is irrelevant to you becoming one of us.

Ceremony is... Historical

The primary ceremonies performed in NSW & the ACT are almost identical to the ceremonies our Brothers and forebears of the 19th and 20th century would have experienced.

Ceremony is... Grandeur

There is much formality, pomp and pageantry involved in well performed Masonic ritual.

It is common for most lodges to wear Dinner suits, for dining to be formal

Ceremony is... Allegorical

Freemasonry composes lessons about morality and philosophy, veiled in historical allegory. Why? Because the pursuit of meaning is a significant part of your journey.

Ceremony is... Growth

Ritual is the culmination of a Mason's work which requires dedication to study and practice. This activity is not only a great way to learn life lessons but empowers you with confident public speaking skills and a stronger self-awareness.