Freemasonry is Camaraderie

More than friendship

Freemasonry has been uniting men all over the world for centuries.

The unique experiences lived within the doors of our lodges create a common link with people you wouldn't have otherwise met.

What is Camaraderie?

Camaraderie is an undeniable feeling of trust that Brethren have with each other. Even with those you've only just met.

Camaraderie is... Loyalty

When attending meetings, the people next to you aren't just acquaintances, they are your Brothers.

Through Masonry, we learn to cultivate allegiance to each other whilst striving to create a better community.

Camaraderie is... Discovery

Masonic lodges are found all over the world. Being able to find others that share the same core values, even in a country you've never visited before, makes every trip a fantastic and memorable journey.

Camaraderie is... Unity

Freemasons are all part of a big chain, and each Brother is an indelible link within that chain.

The Masonic experience and way of life focuses less on what differentiates us, and more on what unites us, even through distance.

Camaraderie is... Trust

No matter which country you are in, or language spoken, Freemasons are known for being trustworthy.

The sense of belonging to this fraternity inspires a deep feeling of mutual support and respect for others who approach life the same way.