Frequently Asked Questions

How is the organisation structured?

Each local 'Lodge' draws its members, essentially from the local community. A Regional group of local Lodges will comprise a 'District'.

What is Freemasonry?

'Freemasonry' is a word, which is often used by Masons, to describe the high ideals and philosophy of caring to which all Masons adhere.

How much time does it take?

I am told that Masons need to devote a lot of their own time to community work, and my time is limited, would this apply to me?

Is there an advantage to be a Mason?

I have heard that it is an advantage to a person's career to be a Mason, is this true? This is a commonly held viewpoint, but it is incorrect.

Is it a secret society?

I've heard that Masons, in the past, have been regarded as some sort of secret society, is that the situation now? Until recently our policy was to be rather discreet